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Fibreglass installation Pipe insulation in progress

Insulation is an important part of every building, helping to negate sound and conserve (or disperse) heat. At WJ Bolton & Son Ltd, we have a wide range of insulation types and the expertise to advise on the insulation that you need.

Our insulation is provided for:

• Domestic

• Commercial

• Industrial

Quality insulation for your property

Our insulation includes:

• Fibreglass Insulation

• Quinntherm Insulation

• High Density Polystyrene Insulation

• Foil-back Insulation

• Pipe Insulation

• Cavity Insulation

• Under-floor Insulation

• Rafter-lock Insulation

• Intello Airtight Products

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Competitively priced insulation

We only sell you the insulation that you need. Different types are required for different buildings and we have the knowledge to help you get the right one. Get in touch with us for more information and advice.

Insulation direct from builders merchants in County Londonderry